September 12, 2023

Customer Desire

Customer Desire

Customer desire is the collective wants and needs of a business target audience. A customer desire map unearths and details the hidden gems of the customers’ desires. The map provides a deeper understanding of these desires allowing businesses to review, improve and prioritize their product and process.

It’s an important tool in product development and marketing strategy, ensuring the business is in tune with customer expectations and creating the incentives required to get customers coming back for more.

The customer desire map is effectively a compass guiding the business and product to greater business success and customer satisfaction. It is especially important when a company is developing new products, drafting marketing campaigns or improving customer service.

To create an effective customer desire map:

  • Define target market by demographics, geography, behavior and psychographics.
  • Use surveys, interviews, review sites and other channels to obtain information on what your target market desires. Segment these needs into different categories such as:
    • Functional — What the product does.
    • Emotional — How the product makes them feel.
    • Social — How the product affects their relationship with others.

Rank these desires based on importance to your current and prospective customers.

Often, there is not much separating competing products in terms of their features and functions. Customers do not necessarily opt for one product because it has exceptional features compared to its peers. Rather, it’s because of how well they felt the product met their functional, emotional and social desires. Successful companies are those that find a way to go beyond tasks and connect with their customers’ underlying needs and wants.

Central to a business’ ability to satisfy customer desire is to consistently deliver a positive experience. If customers are getting random experiences, customers tolerate you and do not move on.

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