September 12, 2023

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate Meaning?

Bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors or app users that leave the site or app after viewing just one page or screen of content. It is an important metric in determining whether and how a website or app connects with its audience. To calculate the bounce rate, you divide single page visitors by the total number of visitors to a website.

A high bounce rate is usually considered an indication that visitors did not find what they came looking for or that the content is irrelevant. That said, it might just be a sign that visitors do get what they want at that first touchpoint and leave satisfied. Overall, lower bounce rates are seen as a barometer of increased engagement and a positive force in increasing conversion rates. If the low bounce rate is not leading to greater conversion or leading prospects further down the sales funnel, you need to look deeper at your website, content, product and business.

The bounce rate does not of itself indicate why visitors are leaving. Businesses should analyze the bounce rate in the context of other usage and conversion metrics to determine what success is likely to look like. These metrics include exit rates, time spent on page/website, destination page on exit etc. That way, they can narrow down on potential causes such as referral link mismatch or website design. A low bounce rate may range from 25 to 70 percent depending on industry.

Businesses can lower their bounce rate through:

  • Improving navigation and eliminating distractions.
  • Creating engaging, coherent and concise copy.
  • Improve the quality of qualified traffic that have high likelihood of conversion.
  • Include relevant internal links.
  • Regularly review, identify high bounce rate patterns, test and implement changes.

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