July 21, 2020

How to Capture Leads & Grow Your Email List with Quizzes

Growing your email list takes time and money: Two things you want to cut back on. If you’re ready to invest in lead generation and look beyond a standard form, it’s quiz time!

For real though: Quizzes have proven to be real lead magnets, with a very low cost per lead.

Why Marketers Love Quizzes for Lead Generation

If you’re looking at new lead generation tactics, the price per lead is an important factor to weigh in. Quizzes and giveaways are popular lead capturing techniques, ditching the static forms.

Both are fun for your audience, so how do you choose? By the cost per lead, and the completion rate.

Quizzes can be almost half as cheap compared to giveaways, and on top of that, they have a completion rate of 51%, on average.

Having a low cost per lead is nice, but you’ll still want a lot of leads—not just to spend as little money as possible. Half the people who start a quiz will make it to the end and swap their email to see the results, so if you place your ads right and create a quiz that draws people in, that’s a lot of leads.

Depending on the worth of a new client, it could definitely pay off to have a part of your team working on quiz marketing for a while. For instance, Krit created a funny-looking quiz with serious results: 270 people took it, leading to a few potential clients, ranging between a worth of $3,000-$50,000.

Why People Love Quizzes

Old-fashioned lead capture forms put collecting email addresses over connecting with your audience. Pushing content on your audience in exchange for their email address in popups is like walking into a party and just rambling about yourself all night. Nobody likes that person.

According to psychologists, there are a few reasons we like quizzes. First of all, they can serve as a shortcut to finding out what you like, and what you are looking for. For instance, style quizzes: Can’t define your style yourself? Click on the pictures you like, find your style, and some clothes to match.

Quizzes make it easy to categorize ourselves, and it’s human nature to be curious to know which category we belong to. We see a question asked about ourselves, or our business, and know that in a few clicks we get answers. And isn’t that what we all want—answers?

The Importance of Email Marketing & Generating Fresh Leads

The struggle of getting valuable contacts in your email list is that nobody is sitting around, waiting for a pop-up banner asking for their email address. It’s a shame, since there’s a lot of money to be made with email marketing. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25.

But (there’s a but) you do need people to actually send emails to—like prospects who will take an interest in your high-value content. Quizzes make that easier.

Let’s dive into the benefits of quizzes for email marketing and how to set up a quiz marketing strategy that works like a huge lead magnet!

Why Quizzes are Great for Lead Generation

Before you get started creating a quiz, let’s take a closer look at why quizzes are such a great tool for generating high-quality leads.

You get more insight into your target group & raise brand awareness

One of the benefits of quizzes for lead generation is that you get to know each other better. There are two sides to that: You get to know your prospects and get to the root of how you can help them. Meanwhile, they become aware of your brand in a fun, non-pushy way.

Quiz Marketing for Lead Generation

Beardbrand made this lead generating quiz marketing strategy using Typeform

People love interactive content

The example above shows that nearly 150,000 people took the quiz, and a lot of them signed up for the newsletter. Getting to know your brand—and themselves—through a quiz is a low-impact, small investment for your audience (compared to reading a blog, for instance).

Interactive Quiz Marketing Examples

Image via Typeform

The Beer Cartel made a fun and informative quiz marketing streategy where users give their email addresses to get their scores and see the correct answers.

The power of interactive content is that it’s both educating and entertaining. A staggering 93% of marketers agree that interactive content is more effective than traditional static content. It stands out and allows people to engage with it, rather than just consume it. Quizzes rank among the most shared content on the web year after year—hello, snowball effect!

So not only do you grab the attention of more people, but you also have a relatively high percentage of them leaving their information. Compare that to the results of a regular old banner or pop-up asking them to pretty please sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop.

Quizzes let you segment your leads & send them personalized content

If you know how to ask the right questions, you not only get to know valuable information about potential clients or their opinions, you also get a base to segment them on to provide more tailored content.

It’s not about getting as many people as possible to see your newsletter. It’s about getting as many valuable leads possible to see content that sparks their interest.

Based on their answers, you add people to the right email list. The majority of email marketing tools let you segment your audience. Then it becomes easy to send personalized emails, which have proven to deliver six-times higher transaction rates.

How to Start Quiz Marketing

Image via Typeform

Giving music recommendations after a quiz about your personality seems like a fair trade for your email address!

Steps to Creating Quizzes for Lead Generation

Assuming you’re now convinced of the power of quizzes for lead generation, it’s time to get to work. Let’s take a look at a few steps and tricks to make the most out of this.

Step 1: Choose a type of quiz

There are plenty of online tools that let you create quizzes in the easiest way possible. Every business, freelancer or blogger can make a quiz. No excuses. The first step is to choose what kind of quiz you will put out, keeping the end goal in mind. Here are three general categories to give you an idea.

Knowledge-Based Quizzes
Who doesn’t like a challenge? The quiz example below can be targeted to your audience to find out what they struggle with. Based on the outcome, promote your services to help them create better content and let them sign up to your newsletter to receive more tips about conversion rates, SEO, and the like.

Types of Quiz Marketing

Image via Typeform

Test the knowledge of your audience and give them their grades in exchange for an email address.

Personality-Based Quizzes
What type of car are you? Based on the outcome, either directly show car offers, or perhaps let them sign up to your newsletter to learn more about the latest car models, or car tips and tricks. Take into account that in terms of shareability, the quiz results matter. People seem to be less likely to want to share that they are a VW Jetty than a Porsche.

Product-Based Quizzes
Which dress is best for your body shape? By asking some basic questions, you can get to know which of your products your visitor will like and is least likely to send back. Based on the outcome, you can deliver product recommendations without coming off as a standard sales rep, and send them personalized offers based on their style and sizes.

Step 2: create fun, easy questions & a strong opt-in

Start backward. Design your quiz and questions with the end goal in mind. Yes, you want to get information from your potential clients, but the most valuable piece of information is their email address.

Quiz Marketing Tips

Image via Typeform

Back to Beardbrand: Simple questions like these make it easy to give valuable recommendations in the end—as if the brand has known you for ages!

Make sure the quiz is not too long or difficult, so they actually make it to the last page where they can sign up. To get them to sign up, provide an incentive like a discount, free ebook or whitepaper, or something else with actual value.

Step 3: Show results that make them curious for more

For the results, write outcomes that give a glimpse into the solution. Make sure that the results are positive and fun if you also want people to share them. If they share the quiz in their network, chances are you’ll collect more leads like them.

Step 4: Provide decent aftercare

Now you’ve got them! When beginning the customer connection via email, make sure there’s a smooth transition. Take the data you collected and offer personalized emails that provide value and won’t make people unsubscribe immediately.

For instance, make sure you only send out emails that are relevant to the products they will be interested in. A new collection might be big for your brand, but if it doesn’t hold any products your lead is interested in, don’t bother them with it. Is it relevant to them? Send out personalized emails telling them there’s something new for them in-store.


Find more ways to get more leads and increase conversions on our blog, or get in touch directly to get to work.

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