October 25, 2019

8 Marketing Outsourcing & Development Resources for Your Ecommerce Store

As entrepreneurs, we tend to wear a lot of different hats. The nature of building a business means that we’re constantly having to complete different tasks in order to get our businesses up and running. No day is the same, and when you’re the only person working on your business all the tasks you’re juggling can get a bit overwhelming. No one’s an expert at everything so it can be especially overwhelming when you’re constantly having to learn new things just to get seemingly basic aspects of your store functioning the way you want them to. We’ve all been there.

One way to combat frustrating and time-consuming tasks that you need to get done for your business is to outsource them. It might seem obvious, but getting someone else to do the work for you can really make life easier (especially if they’re an expert at the task at hand). However, most new entrepreneurs think that outsourcing is out of the question for them because of its associated cost: If you could pay for an employee you would have hired one already! If not that, then some entrepreneurs just don’t know who to trust. Our businesses are important to us and we don’t want just anyone to jump in and potentially ruin all the hard work we’ve already put in.

This is where this curated list comes in. We’ve compiled the 8 best marketing outsourcing & development services you can use to outsource aspects of your business to help relieve you of some of your to-do list. You can let the experts handle some of your tasks so you can save yourself time and frustration while you focus on other aspects of your business you excel at.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top 8 marketing outsourcing & development services you can rely on.


StoreTasker Ecommerce Outsourcing

Storetasker is a low risk, high reward option for any small fixes and changes you want to make to your Shopify store. Instead of hiring freelancers on services like Upwork or Fivver where you have to spend time vetting people for quality and reliability, Storetasker promises peace of mind and consistency.

Whether you need help setting up your store, tweaks made to your theme, app recommendations, images formatted properly, buttons working how you want them to or any other small tasks, Storetasker has experts who can take on these problems and fix them for a set hourly price ($65/hour) so you can focus on doing what you do best and let the experts work out the rest.

The best part about using Storetasker’s service is that you don’t have to worry about vetting freelancers, haggling a price and hoping the task gets done the way you want it to. Storetasker has vetted experts ready to go who only accept projects they know they can do, they offer predictable work rates and they get their work done on time. If things don’t work out the way you wanted them to they also offer a money-back guarantee policy. Low risk, high reward, and your Shopify store will work exactly how you want it to.

Growth Geeks

GrowthGeeks Outsourcing for Ecommerce

Marketing is certainly not everyone’s area of expertise; there’s a lot to learn, many different aspects involved and the landscape is constantly evolving. That’s where Growth Geeks comes to the rescue. They “get” marketing, so you don’t have to. With Growth Geeks you can outsource parts of, or your entire, marketing strategy to them and let them work their marketing magic.

They offer social media management, launch strategies, blog post writing, Facebook Ads management, animated infographic videos, and lots more marketing-related services to help you boost your business. Exactly like Storetaskter, they vet their freelancers so you don’t have to and they also offer pre-determined prices and a money-back guarantee policy.

If you think your store could benefit from outsourcing some or all of your marketing strategy, check out Growth Geeks and see what value they can offer you.


Canupy Marketing Outsourcing

Canupy has got your social media and copywriting needs covered with their comprehensive and hands-on approach to engaging with your customers. If social media is just another thing on your already too long to-do list, the people at Canupy can help. There are many ways to do social media marketing right, and there are so many ways to do it wrong, and they’re here to help you get it right on your first try.

Basically, they can take your social media marketing off your plate entirely as they’re prepared to handle daily social media posts for up to three of your channels, plus they can prepare weekly blog posts, weekly newsletter and they can completely take over your Instagram and rock out a marketing funnel that turns followers into sales.

With Canupy by your side, you can continue to focus on the big picture and they can handle the important details like engaging content and social media growth. They get it, you’re busy, and they’re good at what they do, so let them handle the nitty-gritty details and you can reap the results.


iWriter Marketing Outsourcing

Another excellent service to outsource your written content to is iWriter. They specialize in producing any form of written content, such as articles, blog posts, press releases, ebooks, Kindle books, Amazon reviews, cover letters and more. If you’re looking for a reliable service to help you produce content for your ecommerce site, the writers at iWriter are prepared to handle any project.

They offer a selection of tiered pricing levels enabling you to get your desired quality of content at a worthwhile price, and if you’re not satisfied with a writer’s work you can simply reject it. By using iWriter you can outsource any custom written content projects to eager freelancers who can get your work done quickly, professionally and affordably.


Textbroker Marketing Outsourcing

Textbroker is another content and article writing service that can help you maximize your SEO and your engagement. What makes Textbroker’s services even better is that their authors can cover everything from blog posts, product descriptions, and technical content and you can also get content produced by native speakers in up to 10 languages.

Besides producing written content, Textbroker also offers an extended level of service they refer to as their “Managed Writing Service”. This service provides you with your own account manager who can give you additional support and help you manage your written content. They also offer a wealth of knowledge and resources related to content marketing and SEO to help you better your reach and engagement. To help develop written content and more, check out Textbroker.


TaskHusky Outsourcing Tasks

If you operate a Shopify, Bigcommerce or WordPress ecommerce site and want to make customizations, TaskHusky is a valuable resource. They offer on-demand ecommerce developers who can tweak and customize your online store for a flat rate of $69 so you don’t have to stress over quick fixes and can leave it to the experts.

Whether you want to make simple changes to your website like adding a logo, changing your font, updating a slider image, adding a contact form, or even more complicated procedures such as adding a Facebook Conversion Pixel, adding products or updating Google Analytics, TaskHusky can take care of it.

Putting together an ecommerce site that looks and functions how you want it to isn’t always an easy process, and whether you just don’t know your way around the back end of a computer or you’d rather just leave tweaks and edits to the professionals, it’s up to you! Just hand your task over to TaskHusky and they can quickly and affordably handle it for you.


Speedlancer Marketing Resources

Speedlancer offers high-quality design, writing and data entry/research services for you to outsource your work to. Their main premise is to get each project finished within 4 hours of being accepted by a freelancer so you don’t have to wait around all day for your work and the freelancer has time to work on multiple projects.

So if you’re in the midst of building your ecommerce store and you need a quick image here or a short sales page there, check out Speedlancer to get your project done quickly and efficiently. Their team of professional designers, native-English speaking writers, qualified data entry operators, and experienced researchers can handle a multitude of different tasks including logos, infographics, photo editing, content writing, email marketing, SEO keyword focused pieces, Excel formatting, keyword research, target customer searches and more.

They also offer task bundles centered around common business needs such as WordPress site maintenance, content marketing, branding, Instagram and more. Speedlancer has the ability to handle a plethora of business-related needs, big or small, so check them out for their high quality and fast turnaround rates.


Kicksta Marketing Outsourcing

Kicksta is all about Instagram and they can help you post better, more engaging content, reach more people, grow your following and build a better platform for your business. If you’re interested in growing your customer base through your Instagram platform, Kicksta is the expert that can help you get where you want to be.

They want to help you increase your conversions so they’re committed to researching who you are, your brand and your unique audience. They create an individual plan for each of their clients to help them engage with users who actually care about their brand. They’re prepared to reach out to users, engage with them and develop an authentic relationship on your behalf. They’re ready for you to see a measurable increase in engagement across your brand and ultimately in your sales.

They realize that no two brands are the same, so they focus on creating a custom plan that works for your brand. They collaborate with you to design a campaign that aligns with your needs and interests that will connect you with people who are interested in what you’re all about. Check out Kicksta and see how they can customize your Instagram marketing strategy to grow your presence.


There you have it, 8 of the best marketing & development services you can use to outsource some of your responsibility to so you can let the experts excel at what they’re good at and you can reap the benefits. Outsourcing some of the tasks you’re not particularly skilled at, whether it be content writing, graphics creating, logo designing or social media marketing, will help you save valuable time, effort and oftentimes money, and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business that you’re better at. Use these 8 resources to your advantage, they offer so much value to entrepreneurs who are just starting out or running a business on their own and can help you grow and provide the best possible service to your own customers. Happy outsourcing!

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