March 6, 2020

The Top 10 Best Dropshipping Products You Can Sell with Printful

One of the biggest questions that comes to mind when entrepreneurs want to start selling their first dropshipping products online is, “What dropshipping products should I sell?” An age-old question asked by entrepreneurs far and wide, it all depends on what you’re interested in selling and who you’re interested in selling to. Sometimes, the best way to get product inspiration is to check out dropshipping suppliers’ sites to see what they have on offer, and in this article, we’ve done exactly that to curate the top 10 best dropshipping products you can sell with Printful.

Printful, if you don’t already know, is one of the leading dropshipping suppliers in the USA and Europe. They have a vast product offering that includes the likes of clothing, accessories, homewares, wall art and more, so there’s something to suit almost any ecommerce entrepreneur. We highly recommend using Printful as a dropshipping supplier for new entrepreneurs starting their first dropshipping business because they’re reliable, they offer personalized branding options, they don’t require minimum order purchases, there are no membership fees, they ship fast, they’ll print or embroider your own designs on all their products and they have an extremely helpful customer service team. To learn more about Printful and their features and services, check out this in-depth Printful Review.

Note: Don’t forget that in order to sell dropshipping products online like these ones from Printful, you’ll need to have your own online ecommerce store. We recommend setting your store up with Shopify. Not only is Shopify the leading ecommerce platform in the industry but it integrates directly with Printful so your store can run autonomously! This means less work for you and higher rewards.

Now that we’re all on the same page with what Printful can offer ecommerce businesses, let’s jump into the top 10 best dropshipping products you can sell with Printful.

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #1: Beach Towels

Beach Towel Dropshipping Products

As one of the more unique items you’ll find in a dropshipping supplier’s product offering, beach towels are an easily customizable product that you can market to many different niches of customers. Since Printful’s beach towels start completely blank, you can print whatever types of designs you want all over the towel. Printful handles the entire printing process, so all you’ll need to do is provide the designs.

If you choose to dropship beach towels online from Printful, keep in mind that beach towels can be a seasonal product, meaning that they’re more likely to sell better in the summer months rather than in the winter months. Keep this in mind when setting up your dropshipping business and consider how you can find a solution to this dropshipping product’s seasonality. Perhaps you’ll market your beach towels to customers located in cities, states or countries where there’s warm weather all year round or you’ll offer a deal on your products in the winter months for customers embarking on warm vacations.

Check out Printful’s Beach Towel Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #2: Coffee Mugs

Mug Dropshipping Products

A tried, true and tested homeware, coffee mugs aren’t going out of style anytime soon. With Printful you can print your own designs onto the coffee mugs so you can get the exact look and feel you want whether you want there to be images, text or a combination of both.

Coffee mugs are a great way to target a niche demographic of customers who have similar interests and tastes. If you’re a new entrepreneur starting an ecommerce business for the first time, it’s an excellent idea to get very specific and hone in on one particular niche and not try and make coffee mugs that appeal to everyone. If you do that, your mugs are likely to get lost in the sea of all the other mug products and mug brands on the market and you’ll have a hard time creating a name for yourself. Stick to one niche and make mugs for that particular niche.

Check Out Printful’s Coffee Mug Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #3: Fitness Leggings

Legging Dropshipping Products

Fitness legging are one of the top trending products in recent years as the activewear trend continues to grow and consumers gravitate towards living healthier, more active, lifestyles. Fitness leggings are one of the core articles of clothing when it comes to activewear, so they’re in high demand and the demand just continues to keep growing year after year.

With Printful, you can print your own designs on these fitness leggings in solid colors, patterns, graphics, images and more. They offer several different customization options including sewing an inner pocket into the waistband and having your logo printed on the inside of the leggings, so your products can look as professional as possible. They’re printed, hand-cut and sewn by Printful’s in-house team, so you’re guaranteed high-quality fitness leggings that will stand out in your online store.

Check Out Printful’s Fitness Leggings Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #4: Hats

Hat Dropshipping Products

Printful offers a wide variety of hats to choose from, including trucker hats, snapbacks, dad hats, 5-panel hats, mesh hats, beanies, bucket hats, and visors so there’s a design for every hat enthusiast! With a wide range of colors offered, as well, you can offer one, a few or all of the colors to your customers and get your designs embroidered right on the hats.

Can’t pick just one style of hat to sell to your customers? Sell a selection of styles or offer them all! Printful makes it easy to sell multiple dropshipping products from their site on your site so you can add any of the products that you’re interested in selling directly to your ecommerce store. All of Printful’s hats are high quality and come with adjustable straps and embroidered eyelets, so they’ll make a good impression on your customers.

Check Out Printful’s Hats Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #5: Throw Pillows

Pillow Dropshipping Products

Throw pillows are a popular home accessory that are easy for customers to change around in their home, so they’re an item that customers can purchase again and again at any time of the year. Printful gives ecommerce merchants the option to sell throw pillows either in square or rectangular sizes, and they also offer them with or without the stuffing. Designs can also be printed on both sides of the pillow and the pillows are machine washable.

With Printful’s throw pillows you can print any type of designs on them, including designs with some whitespace or designs without any whitespace at all (which is known as “sublimation” printing). You have the option to print image-based designs or text-based designs, or a combination of both, to achieve your desired look.

Check Out Printful’s Throw Pillow Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #6: Backpacks

Backpack Dropshipping Products

Backpacks never go out of style, and these high-quality backpacks from Printful pull out all the stops to ensure that they’ll be functional and fashionable for your customers. These backpacks are medium-sized with a small zip outer pocket, a big inner pocket, a section within the big pocket to house a 15-inch laptop and also include a hidden zip pocket on the back of the bag. The backpack’s material is water-resistant and can be printed anywhere with your designs.

Similar to what we discussed earlier when it come to selling coffee mugs, selling backpacks online is an oversaturated market, so in order to stand out from the crowd you’ll need to hone in on a niche market and create backpacks that cater to that niche market. Print designs, patterns graphics, images, photos or text on the backpacks—or a combination—but make sure you tailor it to your target market’s tastes and interests.

Check Out Printful’s Backpack Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #7: Embroidered Shirts

Custom Embroidery Dropshipping Products

Selling dropshipping products such as t-shirts has been a huge trend in recent years, so much so that it has also become an oversaturated market. If you’re still interested in the t-shirt dropshipping trend but want something a little bit different and not just a standard t-shirt, check out Printful’s embroidered shirts!

While you can’t print designs on these embroidered shirts, you can get a logo or design embroidered on the chest area to personalize them for your brand or customers. Made of high-quality materials, wood-tone buttons and pre-shrunk fabric, these shirts are offered in either black or white with multiple different embroidery color options. Make a statement with these shirts, stand out from the t-shirt dropshipping crowd and embroider designs that are meaningful to your niche audience easily and effectively with Printful’s embroidered shirts. If you need help developing designs to embroider on your shirts, check out our article on How to Make Your Own T-Shirt Designs Using Creative Market.

Check Out Printful’s Embroidered Shirt Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #8: Wall Art

Wall Art Dropshipping Products

Turn your designs into art that your customers can hang on their walls with Printful’s selection of wall art dropshipping products. With options ranging from matte or luster photo paper to framed posters, unframed posters and canvases, Printful’s selection of wall art products are sure to work for any poster designs.

Printful’s wall art dropshipping products come in a wide range of sizes, starting at 8×10 inches and increasing in increments all the way to 24×36 inches. You have the option to offer prints in your store in only one size, a few sizes or all sizes so you have total control over your product offering. Printful’s printing is crisp and high quality so you can be sure that the images, photos or designs that are printed on these posters are impressive and show-stopping.

Check Out Printful’s Wall Art Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #9: Phone Cases

Phone Case Dropshipping Products

Phone cases are an ideal product to sell online because they’re easily interchangeable, many customers like to update them often, they’re small to ship, inexpensive to make and new types of phones are released regularly meaning there’s a demand for new phone cases regularly as well. To learn more about starting a custom phone case business from scratch, check out this article.

Printful’s phone cases are made of a high quality and durable plastic so they protect the phone effectively, they have precisely aligned port openings for charging heads and camera lenses, the material is sleek and smooth and easy to hold onto and there’s a .5mm raised bezel to protect the phone screen and camera from scratching on surfaces.

All you have to do is turn these high-quality phone cases into pieces of art with designs, patterns, photos, images or text that can be printed all over the case to create your desired look and feel.

Check Out Printful’s Phone Case Dropshipping Products Here

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online #10: Socks

Sock Dropshipping Products

Like phone cases, socks are also an ideal product to sell online because they’re small and light to ship, customers switch them out often, there’s always demand for new socks as old ones get lost and wear out and there’s great potential for high profit margins.

Create the socks you’ve always wanted to wear with Printful’s sublimated socks, where the graphics are printed on the leg of the sock in crisp colors that won’t fade. The leg of the sock is made of a ribbed material and the foot of the sock is cushioned for ultimate comfort and when it comes to creating the designs for your socks, you can get graphics, photos, designs, images, patterns or text printed on the sock so there are no limits in terms of design.

Check Out Printful’s Socks Dropshipping Products Here


When it comes to finding the best dropshipping products to sell online, Printful has a great product offering, as we’ve showcased in this article. With everything from apparel, accessories, and homewares, there’s something for every ecommerce entrepreneur to build a business around.

Printful is the ideal supplier to work with because they handle the entire printing, packing and shipping process which means you’ll never have to handle any inventory, they can print and embroider your own designs on their products, they integrate directly with Shopify for ease of use, they have a huge range of dropshipping products to choose from and they offer personalized branding options for each product. To learn more about Printful’s dropshipping products and to get started creating your own, check out Printful.

Note: If you want to get a glimpse into how to actually set up your dropshipping business with Printful, check out our How to Build a T-Shirt Drop Shipping Business with Printful step-by-step article.
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